SPO600 Algorithm Selection Lab

For this lab, we are designing two different approaches to simulate the process of adjusting the volume of a sequence of sound samples in the C language. Two primary approaches that I used were basic multiplication and bit shifting. On Betty,  with -O3 optimization option, we achieve a faster time on both approaches. Bit shifting […]

OSD600 Winter 2017 Release 0.1

In this blog post, I am going to talk about my first attempt to actually contributing to an open source project. This wasn’t the first time I have contributed to an open source project, the first time was when I added some keywords to a nodejs project that I have documented here and have landed. […]

SPO600 Compiled C Lab

For this lab, we need to analyze the ELF (Executable and Linkable File) file after we have compiled a simple C program printing “Hello World!” with the -g -O0 -fno-builtin. We used the objdump program with the -f -s -d –source in order to see more detailed about the binary that was produced from our […]

SPO600 Assembler Lab

For this lab, we were working in a group to write a program in assembly for both ARM and x86_64 platform to print the following output: Loop: 0 Loop: 1 Loop: 2 Loop: 3 Loop: 4 Loop: 5 Loop: 6 Loop: 7 Loop: 8 Loop: 9 Loop: 10 Loop: 11 . . . Loop: 30 […]